Benefits from the use of the Motiv8 platform

Policy Compliance

Consistent implementation of organization policies through the Motiv8 platform ensures adherence to rules and regulations, promoting a harmonious work environment.

Business Performance

Systematic and continuous tracking of business performance using Motiv8 helps identify strengths and weaknesses, facilitating data-driven decision-making for organizational growth.

Information Access & Employee Relations

Motiv8 offers easy access to essential information, empowering employees and management with real-time insights for better decision-making, thereby improving employee-employer relations and fostering trust within the organization.

Employee Dossier & Comprehensive Data

The Motiv8 platform provides an extensive and unique employee dossier, enabling HR professionals to have a comprehensive view of employee data for better talent management, making it easier to track performance, growth, and career development.

Data Management

Elimination of repetitive data entry with Motiv8 reduces errors, improves data accuracy, and ensures a reliable and organized database.

HR Focus

Motiv8 allows HR professionals to focus more on strategic challenges and employee development by reducing the burden of administrative tasks.

HR Efficiency

Automation of administrative processes within the HR department through Motiv8 streamlines operations, saving time and resources while enhancing overall efficiency.

Cost Control

The Motiv8 platform allows for effective monitoring of expenditures, enabling the organization to optimize costs and achieve financial efficiency.

Modules of the Motiv8 Platform

Organization and systematization

The organization and systematization module enables an easy and a practical way to get insight into the organizational structure of the company.

  • Defining the organizational structure
    • Creating and managing organizational units
    • Creating and managing work positions
    • Creating and managing work places
  • Unlimited number of levels in the systematization
  • Approval of systematization
  • Reviewing the systematization history
  • Automatic generation of an organizational chart
    • Exporting an organizational chart

Personnel records

The personnel records module enables the user to enter, manage and review data regarding the company’s employees, external associates and working bodies.

  • New employments and creation of required documentation
  • Extensive employee dossiers
  • Change of work position and salary
  • Administering a working relationship in accordance with the legislation
  • Management of working bodies and memberships
  • Management of external associates

Absences and time management

The absences and time management module serves as a tool that indicates the regularity and work discipline of the employees.

  • Management of records of working hours
  • Integration with time attendance systems, from various vendors
  • Approval of absences/overtime
  • Automatic generation of legal documents related to the absences
  • Creation and review of vacations
  • Defining holidays


The payroll is customized in accordance with the current legislation in the country where the software is implemented. All of the personnel data of the employees, the organizational structure and the absences are taken into consideration for the calculation process.

  • Calculation of salary in accordance with the legislation
  • Possibility of general and individual calculation
  • Records of bonuses, deductions and allowances
  • Monthly control reports
  • Annual budget plan

Professional improvement – Training

The professional improvement module gives the users the ability to organize and manage various training events and monitor the outcomes.

  • Planning and administering training programs
  • Training evaluation according to a three or five level system
  • Monitoring the development of the employees and the results from the trainings

Performance evaluation

The performance evaluation module enables the appointed HR employees to create, convey, manage and review performance evaluations.

  • Customized process according to the client’s needs
  • Linking individual goals with the goals of the organization
  • Measuring the result and quality of the work
  • Measurements Categories
    • Fulfilment of goals
    • Competencies
    • Feedback

360 Evaluation

The 360 method is a highly effective evaluation process of the employees’ success, that is used to gain feedback for the level of efficiency, and give it back to every employee, evaluated by other employees, superiors, subordinates, team members, or even external associates.
The software contains a 360 evaluation module that helps automate this whole evaluation process. This consequently helps simplify and ease the workload during the evaluation, review and report generation.


The recruitment module enables the users to create and manage the job vacancies and appoint evaluators for the applicants.

  • Administration of the recruitment process
  • Integration with the Personal Administration module
  • Possibility of integration with external online application form
  • Unique and unified applicant database
  • Evaluation of candidates according to a three or five level system
  • Definition of assessment criteria

The Motiv8 platform can be further enhanced with an additional software component, the recruitment portal. This component is intended for registration of external applicants to the company’s job vacancies and provides full integration with the human resources management application.

Human Resources Committee

The main purpose of the human resources committee module is to enable the users to preview and decide upon requests made through the self-service portal.

  • Approval of various types of employee requests (i.e. business expenses, advance payment, certificate, etc.)
  • Management of the employees’ warning remarks
  • Management of the employees’ exit interviews

Self-Service portal

The Self-Service Portal provides effective and efficient communication between the employees and facilitates the overall administrative processes.

The Self-Service Portal enables the employees to:

  • Preview, update or fill out missing information in their dossiers
  • Preview and apply for internal job vacancies
  • Submit various requests (i.e. absence, overtime, business expense, advance payment, certificate, etc.)
  • Preview, apply and give feedback for trainings
  • Execute a performance evaluation
  • Measure eNPS
  • Evaluate job candidates as a panel member
  • Preview pending tasks
  • Meeting room events calendar

The Self-Service Portal enables the managers to:

  • Approve various requests submitted by the employees
  • Preview and decide upon employees’ absences and overtime
  • Submit various requests (i.e. warning remarks, requisitions, resignation forms, etc.)
  • Submit a request for a training and give feedback for trainings
  • Execute a performance evaluation
  • Measure eNPS
  • Manage employees tasks
  • Meeting room events calendar

Onboarding, Offboarding and Exit Interview

This module provides comprehensive digitalization for both Onboarding and Offboarding processes while effectively managing and recording Exit Interviews. The Onboarding process is structured into two main components: Pre-hire tasks and Onboarding tasks. The Offboarding process is designed as a customizable checklist, facilitating the seamless execution of tasks between users. Additionally, the Exit Interview feature allows for meticulous tracking of valuable insights and feedback.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Tracking Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is crucial for enhancing overall employee experience, engagement, and satisfaction. This module facilitates effective management of the employee engagement process, equipping administrators and managers with dynamic tools to track, analyze survey results, and adapt strategies for continuous improvement in engagement.

Additional Modules of the Motiv8 Platform


The reporting system is consisted of three segments:

  • Standard reports – allow the user to generate the predefined reports in the software modules
  • Pivot Grid reports – allow the user to create custom ad-hoc reports, with specific information according to the momentary requirements
  • Dashboard reports – allow the user to preview several predefined key indicators

The system allows filtering of the data contained in the reports under various parameters. All reports can be printed or saved in one of the supported file formats (i.e. PDF, XLS, XLSX, RTF, DOCX, MHT, HTML, Text, CSV or Image).

HR Budgeting

The HR budgeting component gives the users insight and helps them predict the salary budget for the following year. The results from the executed calculation can be properly previewed with several reports (i.e. general HR budget forecast, employee forecast, realized HR budget, summarized report of the realized HR budget).


The platform supports work with two types of documents:

  • Scanned documents – all existing employee documents that are kept in printed format can be scanned and afterwards attached through the application into the electronic dossiers of the employees
  • System generated documents – automatically created documents from the system based on templates and (previously) entered employee data, that are saved into the database (becoming independent from the template) and can be printed

The document templates can be modified with the integrated document editing component.


Aside from the standard (e-Mail) notifications, the platform contains a notifications center in which the users can view all of the system generated notifications, according to some predefined rules and/or events. The notifications that are embedded in the software represent control mechanisms for the course and duration of all processes, for example:

  • Notification for a decision-making period
  • 30 days before the expiration of a fixed-term contract
  • Employee with 150 hours of overtime
  • Request for recruitment
  • Training notifications, mentoring program notifications, project notifications
  • Evaluation notifications
  • Employee birthday notifications
  • 30 days before the expiry date of the medical examination
  • 30 days before the expiry date of the uniform

Software administration

The software administration section enables the user to define and manage certain software settings (i.e. the companies, user roles, users and the titles of the menu items), as well as the input data that needs to be predefined for certain software modules.


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